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Over 50 consumers of Gornaya Vershina and Elbrusinka Kids bottled water from the Krasnodar Krai visited AQUALINE factory in Nizhny Arkhyz.

 They were customers and employees of a water delivery company from Novorossiysk. A third of visitors were younger than 10 years old – parents took their children to show how their favourite water Elbrusinka Kids is bottled.

 A visit to the factory laboratory caused much interest. The visitors had a chance to see it for themselves how product quality is controlled and were convinced that all production processes are organised properly. Even the youngest visitors watched all the operations with much interest. Maybe some of them – who knows – will choose the profession of an engineer or a food technologist thanks to the tour to AQUALINE factory.

 Then the visitors went to the bottling section and were shown an advanced bottling line in operation.

 “That was an interesting experience,” said 35-year-old Natalia after the tour. “When we buy GORNAYA VERSHINA in 19-litre bottles, we do not know, all too often, how much effort is invested in each drop of the water delivered to us. And before delivered to home, it is abstracted from under the ground, kept clean and bottled carefully. People working in this industry must be proud of what they do. I am thankful to everyone who works at this factory and who delivers the water to our homes.”

 Visiting the factory in Nizhny Arkhyz has long become a tradition. For the fifth year in a row, an HOD company from Novorossiysk brought its regular customers to Nizhny Arkhyz.

 An open partnership like this is only possible when the water producer and its distributors meet two conditions: AQUALINE is always ready to open its doors to every consumer, while its distributors are always confident in the quality of products they offer in 56 regions of the Russian Federation.